The Medical Resource Specialists

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    Room Tables

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    Surgical Lights

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    Anesthesia Monitors

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MedWest Surgical, Inc is based out of Calabasas, Ca. and has been  a leading provider of surgical equipment since 1995. We have over 20 years of surgical experience,  specializing in both new and refurbished medical equipment. We have equipped surgery centers, hospitals and clinics throughout the country. With the comprehensive services we offer, we have successfully helped in the complete set up 100's of surgery centers. Our business has been built on integrity, accountability, and loyal customer referrals.








We believe in providing quality equipment at affordable pricing without sacrificing excellence in customer service. Our goal is to keep our customers up to date on the most current information on industry standard advancements. Our sales team is trained both in and out of the operating room, continually striving to exceed and surpass our competitors in both knowledge and experience. This gives us the ability to help our customers make the most affordable and informed decisions to meet their specific equipment needs.

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